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SCD Visio ToolBox is software for SCD (System Control Diagram) development and SAS design according Norsok I-005 standard.

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Features and Advantages


  • Interactive and convenient SCD stencils library for MS Visio
  • Easier connection of shapes with terminal and layer advicers
  • Different enhanced diagram navigation methods
  • Cause & Effect Report generation from SCD drawings
  • Internode Report generation
  • XML export of SCD
  • Quality and consistency checking of SAS design by SCD tools


  • Rapid SCD drawing using interactive blocks
  • Avoiding manual work and errors
  • MS Visio features support
  • Reports generation directly from SCD drawings
  • Standardized work process of SCD design for SAS systems.
  • Simplification of workflow for SAS engineering
  • Automation of engineering process

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Different enhanced diagram navigation methods

Navigate through blocks in Diagram Explorer

Diagram Explorer is used for fast navigation through shapes.It contains structured list of all functional blocks. Shape on diagram is focused, when element in Diagram Explorer is double clicked.

Search blocks by tag

When You want to navigate to specified shape, You can use Search function. It will focus drawing on selected shape.

Fade entire subsystems or specific nodes

Layer Hiding tree view contains all subsystems/nodes, presented on diagram. You can check/uncheck subsystems or nodes. Unchecked nodes are shadowed on diagram.

Structured XML Export

  • Input for Control System generation tools
  • SCD integration with other tools
  • Contains detailed information about SCD

Solution includes SCD Stencils designed for Visio

Main Shapes

Stencil contains SCD related shapes, like Function Blocks and Software Functions.

SCD Main Shapes Stencil

Sequence Symbols

Stencil contains shapes for designing of SCD Sequence flow diagrams.

SCD Sequence Stencil


Stencil contains some Equipment shapes. Additional shapes can be added by users.

SCD Equipment Stencil

MidTechnology AS provides engineering services for SCD design

Engineering services


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