Attention! Please install the latest .NET framework (4.7.2) from Microsoft before launching SCD Toolbox!

Version history

  • v. 1.0.42

    During last 8 months we were maturing AML export functionality and finally it is ready for public distribution. Version 1.0.42 is cumulative update including all changes after 1.0.21 version.
    Hotfix (fixed Split's warning error).
    #scs function block was added into norsok aml library
    Warning alarms were included into FB terminals report

  • v. 1.0.41

    Added "Remove links to STID" to specific updates.
    Fixed export to pdf with links to STID.
    Added custom #SBB and #SCS function blocks to aml library.

  • v. 1.0.40

    FB report from multiple drawings hotfix

  • v. 1.0.39

    Open file message after exporting to PDF instead of open folder
    Fixed bug with save Drawing1 message after exporting to PDF

  • v. 1.0.38

    Currently opened diagram no longer closes after exporting other files to AML
    Check Diagram Window start-up location was set to upper left corner on screen
    Automatic restore of “Centre selection on zoom” to its default value after zooming shape on click
    Added “Check All” button to Diagram Updater, Specific Updater and Check Diagram window
    Optimized Diagram/Specific Updater (skipped unnecessary loading on start-up)
    Check can be executed for each Diagram/Specific Update individually and can be cancelled while executing
    “Clone” button added to Custom Function Block Manager
    “Clone” button added to Terminals of Custom Function Block when managing
    Added possibility to manage order for terminals of Custom FB when managing
    Added possibility to adjust Reference Text field width independently of reference shape for Logic, Process and Double-sided References
    Fixed Revision Rectangle pattern in Annotations stencil
    Added “Export to pdf + STID links" button to SCD tab of main Visio ribbon (Exporting drawing to PDF with STID hyperlinks, but not placing them on diagram)

  • v. 1.0.37

    AML export fixed
    Fixed Timer mapping in AML export

  • v. 1.0.36

    AML library export temporary disabled.
    Split Dot mapping fixed in AML.

  • v. 1.0.35

    Custom Function Blocks #ARB, #ASC, #KA, #TRIG added to aml.
    Added AML library export (can be found in Utils tab in Export To AML form).
    Included AML editor setup (can be found in Utils tab in Export To AML form).
    Warning terminals check fixed in Check Diagram.
    Added creation of hyperlinks to STID in Specific Diagram Updater.

  • v. 1.0.34

    Fixed Signal Type default value for Constant after adding input field diagram update.
    Added Constant signal type adjustment to Specific Update.
    Unique EFB names added to AML export.
    Fixed decimal numbers in AML export.
    Diagram update and Specific update sets Constant shape signal type to “Digital” if value is 1, 0, True, False (not case-sensitive), otherwise sets to “Analogue”

  • v. 1.0.33

    Fixed bug with shape identification by toolbox after it was placed in custom (favorites) stencil
    Added critical update to Update Diagram. It will update all shapes to match identification function mentioned above
    Fixed frames stencil and frame detection in AML export.
    Automatic In/Out terminals filling when connecting signal line to Sequence Flags.
    Fixed Custom Function Block terminals in Connection Manager.
    Fixed Extender connection points after changing extender configuration.
    Sequence report drawing number fixed.
    Missing sequence number in sequence report fixed.
    Added unique System number with Drawing number hash to AML exported logic block names.

  • v. 1.0.32

    Mult software function fixed in AML export

  • v. 1.0.31

    Facility/Platform Code included in Propagation Manager.
    Nodes U & L added to PCS tab in Diagram Explorer.
    FB report excel file title fixed.
    Added ability to mass set Facility/Platform Code (A, B, D, L, R) using Specific Updates.
    Constant default signal type set to Analogue.
    Add signal type field for constant was included in Update Diagram.
    Added third signal type option (Mixed) for "#" Software Function. Third option is visible only when "#" type of Software Function is selected. Mixed signal type is mapped as Undetermined when exporting AML.
    Extender was extended up to 10 connection points per shape's corner.
    Extender connection point spacing was fixed to match Sequence shapes. Each point was duplicated to match Sequence references and for other connection flexibility, so by selecting 10 points at Extender Manager you will get 20 points with lesser spacing between them.
    Connection manager now marks terminals already in use on connecting signal and restricts selection.
    Function Block Terminals report added.
    Sequence report added.
    Fixed multiple file selection for AML export.
    Global resource optimization and performance tweak.

  • v. 1.0.30

    Check Diagram "Inner Shape Connection Error" removed
    Function Block Copy/Paste functionality fixed
    Stencil fonts and text size fixed
    Connected terminals on signal lines made movable, resets location after disconnected
    Warning terminals WH/W moved closer to Function Block
    "AML Note" shape renamed to "Note" and moved to SCD Annotation stencil
    "Note" shape icon changed
    "Note" shape data parameters added (Note Text and Note Ref ID)
    Added SCD Annotation stencil
    CAEX path parameter set to hidden
    Electrical Reference "Tag Number" parameter renamed to "Typical reference"
    InterNode and Causer Effect report temporary disabled
    Added new Function Block Report functionality (report from multiple files)
    Opt function fixed
    In/Out terminals mapping fixed for sequence and electrical shapes in AML export

  • v. 1.0.29

    Warning and Alarm terminal textbox validation added to Diagram check
    Node splitter stencil fixed, added connection point
    Automatic signal line color change on Node Splitter left/right system parameter change
    Automatic Node Splitter left/right system set when connecting signal line
    Added Dominant parameter to software function (M) stencil, included in Diagram Update
    Added dominant visualization for Reset and Set terminals when connected to Memory Block, included in Diagram Update
    Fixed Function Block Copy/Paste bug
    Added CAEXpath property for devices stencils for manual AML mapping of custom shapes
    Added blank node number validation for Function Blocks to Diagram Check
    Added blank node number validation for Software Functions to Diagram Check
    Added SAS System validation for Node Splitter to Diagram Check
    Diagram Explorer interface update
    Added Node Number to diagram explorer
    Software Functions, Timers, Inverters and Pulses added to Diagram Explorer
    Added Excel PageReference report
    Added InputParameter property (digital/analog)
    Added Progress Bar to AML exporeter interface
    Added SCD Note shape into stencil for AML exporting purpose
    Frame border is fixed (Revision and Title is exported into page node's Version and Description fields)
    Revision Triangle stencil fixed
    Added second column to FrameBorder's Note
    Added Aml Norsok library v. 0.0.7
    Added digital/analog property for Split, Opt and Const
    Added Electrical equipments and Additional scd equipment stencils

  • v. 1.0.28

    Automatic X and Y terminal pick and hiding label after connecting to Pulse, Inverter and Timer shapes
    Timer and Pulse fix in AML export

  • v. 1.0.27

    Norsok SCD AML Library 0.0.6 added

  • v. 1.0.26

    Duplicate centrifugal fan shape was removed from SCD Equipment stencil (Centrifugal fan shape can be found in HVAC stencil)
    Adjusted Software Function stencil (Analog/Digital signal option can only be set for "Split" or "#" software functions)
    AML Export devices names fixed
    AML Export extender fixed

  • v. 1.0.25

    AML Export warning section fix (interfaces display correctly)
    AML Export devices names fixed
    Two Pin Transmitter AML validation fixed
    Duplicates tag names and warnings improvements in AML export function
    Two Pin Transmitter fixed in stencil
    Duplicate Terminal Check function fixed

  • v. 1.0.24

    New Diagram Check functionality.
    Duplicate terminals validation added to Diagram check.
    Wrong terminal usage on Software Functions validation added to Diagram check.
    Missing signal lines node number validation added to Diagram check.
    New Diagram Updater interface.
    X1-X10 and Y1-Y10 terminals default visibility changed to invisible for Software Functions (OR, &, Split).
    Signal lines stencil size changed.
    SCD Number column added to FB excel report.
    About window added with information about SCD ToolBox including verrion.
    AML export interface improovments.
    AML export included parameter was added to all SCD shapes.
    Automatical appending of extra interfaces for aml nodes functionality was added in AML export.
    Function Block XY coordinates added to AML export.
    Input parameter with Value Unit and DataType was added to AML export.
    Detection of drawing border and export of corresponding text blocks adde to AML export.
    Document drawing attributes were added to AML export.
    AML export Valves and Dampers attributes fix.
    AML export devices, reference triangle and frame notes fix.

  • v. 1.0.21

    Facility/Platform Code parameter added to Update Diagram functionality.
    Fixed output terminals for software functions.
    Fixed Reference (Logic lines) connection points.

  • v. 1.0.20

    General Signal Platform Code property added to Update Diagram functionality.
    All Function Block terminals were rechecked and added missing.
    Returned Connection manager for Split function.
    Fixed IO terminals for Split function.

  • v. 1.0.19

    Fixed Reference Number field auto resize on text length functionality in Reference shape.
    Major Process Line, Minor Process Line, Hydraulic Line, Pneumatic Line shapes were moved from Equipment to SCD Shapes stencil.
    Pump Shape was updated.
    3-Way Block Valve, 3-Way Control Valve shapes were updated.

  • v. 1.0.18

    Added "Equinor Frame".
    Added Platform Code property for Software Functions and Signal lines.
    Fixed Electrical reference resize behavior based on text length.
    Added Type (MCC/THY/VSD) property for Electrical reference.
    Fixed Function Block tag alignment and comment field margins.
    Added Split (Dot) shape with same behavior as software function split.
    Added missing terminals for MB and SBC function block.
    “Off-line reference” renamed to “Reference text”.
    Extenders were integrated in function blocks and software functions, added Extender Manager which is called from right mouse button menu.
    Old extender shape was removed from stencil.
    Function block Warnings and other terminal labels were moved closer to function block.
    Fixed terminal visibility for software function.
    Reference Number field size fixed for reference shape.
    Added “No Action” option to “On Signal Loss” property of valves.
    Unnecessary properties of Pump was removed.
    Default visibility value of Pump’s center circle was changed to invisible.
    “B” was added to list if Facility/Platform code list.
    Default values of Function blocks were aligned.
    Default type of software function was changed to “S”.
    Shapes were reorganized in SCD HVAC stencil.
    Added Hydraulic Line to SCD Equipment stencil.
    Added Pneumatic Line to SCD Equipment stencil.

  • v. 1.0.17 beta

    Added "Warning WH"/"Warning WL"/"Warning WV"/"Warning W" shape data to corresponding blocks. After selecting appropriate option to "Yes", warning text (e.g. WH) appears near to the function block. User can select text (First click selects FB, second click selects text) and adjust it's location on drawing.
    Hide option for terminal names is added to connection helper (called on adding connection) and signal shape data. For X and Y hiding is set automatically (but could be adjusted by user).
    Added Off-line reference text to shape data of process and logic connections.
    Legs can be now selected for two-pin transmitter (first click selects whole shape, second click selects leg) and adjusted.
    Added shape data option to show analogue feedback on control valves..
    Corrected extender connection points.
    Fixed terminal selection when connecting signal to extender on software functions.
    Added double sided process references.
    Added BXH/BXL terminals to SBE block.
    FB shape data fields sorted for convenient input.
    Shape data comment field hidden for compact FB's.

  • v. 1.0.16

    Function block highlighting option added.
    Disable connection helper setting added.

  • v. 1.0.15

    ZSL/ZSH valves added.
    Added Excel report, listing FB's on drawing.
    Check valve with arrow added
    Back pressure regulating valve added
    HVAC D&ID stencil added

  • v. 1.0.14

    Valves were moved to "Valves" layer. "Normally open/closed" property works correctly now.
    SBB block added.
    "Update diagram to installed version" feature added. It allows to update existing diagrams to match current version of solution.

  • v. 1.0.13

    Facility and system codes for Johan Sverdrup Project

  • v. 1.0.9

    MS Visio x64 support added (x64 version is distributed on request)

  • v. 1.0.9

    Custom Function Block Editor added

  • Hot Fix 1.0.8

    BCH terminal added to CA block

  • Hot Fix 1.0.7

    FDH, FDL, RX terminals added to HB block


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